Week 9

In Class:
-FYI: Delsea Drive project presentation at EASA conference
-Beat Note 2 is cancelled. 5 percentage points will be reassigned to quizzes and in-class activities.
-Assignment 4: Video Project overview
-Video 101 Revisited
-Shooting sequences

-Read Kobre Chap 10 – Shooting a Sequence
-Read Kobre Chap 12 – Writing a Script
-Read Kobre Chap 13 – Editing the Story

-Assignment 3: Audio Slide Show due Monday, March 30 at end of class

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Assignment 4: Group Video Project

-Story Pitch due Wednesday, April 1
-Rough Cut due Wednesday, April 8
-Project due Wednesday, April 15

Worth 15 points
(20 percent off for late work)
Post to njsouthboundroughdraftwordpress.com

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Shooting Sequences

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5 required shots for audio slide show and video

Wide shot (WS) – Where action is taking place.

Medium shot (MS) – What. And moves the story forward.

Close-up shot (CU) – Who. And telling details.

Point-of-view (PoV) – How. What the subject is seeing and doing.

Reaction shot (RS) – Why. Shows effect on the speaker or action.


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Background on twins practice slide show

See related article Identical twin sisters to celebrate 100th birthday

From LA Times:

Times photographer Mel Melcon had been wanting to photograph a pair of 100-year-old identical twin sisters, Venice Shaw and Inez Harries, but because of a mix-up, the assignment was given to another photographer.

Discouraged at first, Melcon later found out that the sisters were being thrown a party for their 100th birthday by family members at Inez’s church. This was a chance to get them interacting with others. Here he could be a fly on the wall and catch natural photographs.

The party yielded good moments for photographs, Melcon said, but he needed more. He arranged to meet them for two portrait sessions. Mindful that his subjects were older than the people he normally photographs, he was careful about how to position them. Venice’s daughter brought matching tops to help with the “twins” theme. The sweaters each read, “Double trouble.”

Telling them apart was tricky at first, Melcon said, but he came to tell them apart by the sound of their voices.

Melcon also noted how healthy the sisters were. “They don’t look or act 100,” he said.  Inez still walks around on her own power and, although Venice has a cane, Melcon said he hardly ever saw it touch the ground.

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Week 7 and 8

In Class:
-Pitch audio slide show idea
-Read your classmates’ audio slide show ideas
-Finish in-class audio slide show exercise (worth 15 quiz points). Make sure I see it.
-Revise Assignment 2 (if I emailed you about it)
-Meet with team to discuss audio slide show plans/reporting/schedules
-Look at examples of pro and student audio slide shows that are most closely related to your idea (i.e., art, religion, music, food, fashion, etc)
-Work on Assignment 3 (if you have audio to edit or photos to work with)
-Proofread NJSouthbound stories
-NJSouthbound group tasks (TBA)

-Next Quiz will be Monday, March 9, and it will cover:

  • Kobre Chap 5 – Camera Basics
  • Kobre Chap 6 – Camera Exposure and Handling
  • Kobre Chap 7 – Light and Color
  • Kobre Chap 9 – Combining Audio and Stills

-Working on Assignment 3: Audio Slide Show due before you leave for Spring Break  by Friday, March 13 at 5 p.m. Monday, March 30 at end of class.

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Audio slide show ideas

Please pitch your audio slide show idea in the comments section below. Frame it in XY story formula. If you are in a team, only one pitch is needed. Please put a name with pitch so I know who is doing what.

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