Week 7 – Oct 13

Note: NO CLASS on Thursday, Oct. 15

In Class:
Review Assignment 2: Event
Review Quiz 2
Assignment 3: Issue – Goals and Groups


1. Due next Tuesday, Oct. 20 – Your group’s Assignment 3: Issue story pitch

  • What is your issue?
  • Why is it interesting?
  • Possible sources (for facts and people)

2. Also due next Tuesday, Oct 20
Quiz #3: Take home quiz – Worth 10 points
Email it to me by start of class. Use subject line “Online Journalism 2 – Quiz 3

Explore the ONA issue examples and answer questions below:

Pick one example that you particularly liked. Answer the following questions (2 or 3 sentences each)

  1. What is the issue? Why were you drawn to it?
  2. What did you learn that you did not know before? How did this piece change your perspective?
  3. How did the reporters make you care about this issue?
  4. How is the story/piece structured for formatted?
  5. What media elements are used? (ie text, video, graphics) What function/purpose does each media element serve?


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Assignment 3: Issue

Assignment Goals:
-To research an “issue” of public concern
-To present the issue in clear, explanatory fashion
-To educate the audience
-To demonstrate how and why the issue matters in people’s everyday lives
-To combine text, visuals, audio or video, and data/facts in an informative and compelling manner
-To work in a team to report and produce content

-A clear, compelling issue that you can research and educate others about.
-Use of facts/statistics/data from at least three (3) reputable sources. Facts should be incorporated into the piece and linked.
-Interview at least four (4) people about the issue. People interviewed must be connected to the issue, either through their knowledge, expertise, or personal experience.
-Written text will explain the issue and provide basic information, background and context.
-Visuals (photo, video or graphics) will convey how the issue is connected to real people and their lives.

1. Zara, Sam, Albert
2. Zach, Pat, Alexa
3. Robert, Cat, Mike
4. Matt, Mac, Jenna
5. Sheree, Moe, Ife
6. Jacy, Ricky, Ryan, Chris

Grading and How To will come next week…

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Quiz 2 review

Which media elements are best for your story?

How a digital-first workflow guides a reporter’s work  by Steve Buttry
10 ways to think like a digital journalist by Steve Buttry

Before, during, after
Updating story as it develops
What information does audience want? And how and when to they want it?
Reporting is the point. Not the end result (ie 500 word article).

Mismatch between form and function
Video evolved out of the movies and the cinema experience. And it still looks like TV and film. But that is not how people watch web videos.
Passive, clunky, linear, self-contained
Doesn’t make use of web (interactivity)
Web story forms are still evolving

Billy Penn gears up to cover the pope’s visit (USA Today
How Philly’s Billy Penn is building a local news audience from scratch (Nieman Lab)

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Week 6 – Oct 6 and 8

In Class:
-Tuesday – Video chat with Anna Orso, BillyPenn.com
Reviewing curation assignment
-Thursday – Quiz #2 will cover:

Assignment 2: Event due Oct. 13 at start of class. No late work accepted.

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In-class curation review


Evan Murray

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Week 5 – Sept 29 and Oct 1

In Class:
Five highlights from BillyPenn’s Pope coverage
-UPDATED instructions for Assignment 2: Event
Digital curation as journalism
Which media elements are best for your story?
In-Class Assignment: Curating with Storify (Worth 10 quiz points)

-Catch up on reading from last two weeks.
-Keep reading BillyPenn.com. Come up with questions for Ana Orso (skype guest next week)
Quiz #2 on Thurs, Oct 8
-Work on Assignment 2: Event due by Oct. 13

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In-Class Assignment: Curating with Storify

Worth 10 Quiz Points

Your assignment is to curate a summary of a news story using Storify.

You have three story choices. Pick one:

  1. Hurricane Joaquin – What are the predictions for New Jersey and how people are people preparing/responding?
  2. Overview of circumstances and remembrances of Evan Murray, a New Jersey highschool quarterback who recently died.
  3. Update on latest development in Chris Christie’s campaign for President – ie polls, issues, appearances, attacks on other candidates, etc.

Storify is just the tool for doing this. The main goal of the assignment is to practice the key aspects of journalistic curation, including how to:

  • Identify essential pieces information
  • Verify sources and check facts
  • Provide context to social media posts
  • Assemble a summary or narrative of a news story that makes sense of a chaotic bunch of information
  • Play to the strengths of individual media elements (text, photos, sound, video, graphics) to create the most compelling content
  • Pay attention to contiguity – how individual media elements (text, photos, sound, video, graphics) relate to each other

Continue reading

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Five Highlights from BillyPenn’s Pope Coverage

  1. How much does Philly know about Pope Francis? (man on street video)
  2. Gouging the faithful (reporting and article)
  3. Pope Ride: Hundreds race through Philly as Pope Francis delivers Mass (your photos and tweets) (crowd sourcing)
  4. Pope Francis visits Curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Northeast Philadelphia (curation with Storify)
  5. How did Philly handle Pope Francis’ historic visit? A report card (commentary)
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Digital Curation as Journalism

Curate – To gather, source, verify and redistribute information or social media elements to track an event. If done well, it can make sense of chaos and create a narrative of an event.

“I think curation has always been part of journalism; we just didn’t call it that.” – Andy Carvin.

Examples from ONA 2015 finalists:

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Which Media Elements are Best for Your Story?

•    The entry point into any story through a headline.
•    Used to convey information, facts, history, and analysis.
•    Readers go at their own pace and choose what to read and when to stop.
•    Embedding hyperlinks into text allows the reader to navigate to additional resources on the web.

•    Capture the visual aspects of a story.
•    Audience can instantly identify people, places, and events.
•    Capture a particular moment.
•    Convey the emotion and mood of story.
•    Illustrate a sequence or series of actions.

•    People telling stories about what has already happened in the past.
•    Taps into the power of the human voice – accents, intonation, emotion, etc.
•    Allows people to tell their own stories in their own words.
•    By itself, audio allows the audience to visualize elements of the story for themselves which engages the imagination.
•    Used alongside photos and video, audio complements the visuals.

•    Capturing action or something as it happens in the present.
•    Combines qualities and visuals and audio.

•    Useful for distilling, illustrating and conveying complex information in a visual manner
•    Can take multiple forms – maps, timelines, charts, graphs, etc.
•    Can be animated which allows audience to actively interact and manipulate.

How all of the media elements on a page or website work together. The best multimedia pieces combine text and visuals in meaningful ways and avoid extraneous elements.

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