Which Media Elements are Best for Your Story?

•    The entry point into any story through a headline.
•    Used to convey information, facts, history, and analysis.
•    Readers go at their own pace and choose what to read and when to stop.
•    Embedding hyperlinks into text allows the reader to navigate to additional resources on the web.

•    Capture the visual aspects of a story.
•    Audience can instantly identify people, places, and events.
•    Capture a particular moment.
•    Convey the emotion and mood of story.
•    Illustrate a sequence or series of actions.

•    People telling stories about what has already happened in the past.
•    Taps into the power of the human voice – accents, intonation, emotion, etc.
•    Allows people to tell their own stories in their own words.
•    By itself, audio allows the audience to visualize elements of the story for themselves which engages the imagination.
•    Used alongside photos and video, audio complements the visuals.

•    Capturing action or something as it happens in the present.
•    Combines qualities and visuals and audio.

•    Useful for distilling, illustrating and conveying complex information in a visual manner
•    Can take multiple forms – maps, timelines, charts, graphs, etc.
•    Can be animated which allows audience to actively interact and manipulate.

How all of the media elements on a page or website work together. The best multimedia pieces combine text and visuals in meaningful ways and avoid extraneous elements.

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