Details on deadlines, assignments, links to tutorials, and class discussion will be posted online at Students should check it regularly.

All work must be turned in on time or no-credit or a late penalty will be assessed.

Students must earn at least a C- for the course to count toward Journalism major or minor requirements.

Two of the major assignments require group work. All members of a group must participate fully and equally to receive full credit.

Attendance/Participation (15 points)

Attendance is graded and points are earned only if students arrive on time and participate in the class. Each student receives two “free passes” during the semester. Beginning with the third instance, points will be deducted for absence, arriving late, leaving early, or failing to participate in class. Students who miss class are responsible for all material covered in that class and must meet all deadlines related to that material. Excused absences include religious observances, documented illness, death of family or loved-one and pre-approved school-related activities. Students must provide official written documentation to receive an excused absence.

In-Class Activities (10 points)

A series of discussions, activities and in-class assignments will cover the reading and in-class lectures and activities. Students must be present for in-class activities and participate fully to receive credit. If a student misses an graded in-class assignment, it can be made up and submitted, but it is the student’s responsibility to get it to the instructor.

Reporting Assignments (Total 75 points)

Each student will produce four graded multimedia reporting assignments. Specific instructions and guidelines will be provided prior to each assignment. Each assignment will go through two stages: an initial draft and a revision. Both must be completed on-time and in-full to receive credit.

Overall grades will be comprised of the following:

A         93-100
A-        90-92
B+        87-89
B         83-86
B-        80-82
C+        77-79
C         73-76
C-        70-72
D+        67-69
D         60-66
F         0-59


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