Fall 17 Registration Reminders

1.Drop by Journalism Open Advising session TODAY from 2:00pm-4:30pm at 6 High Street. 

2. Summer registration is open. If you are planning on doing a summer internship, sign up for the class and start your internship search.

3. Register for classes on the first day you are eligible:

  • March 21-26 – Seniors (90 credits and above) 
  • March 27-April 2 – Juniors (58-89 credits)
  • April 3-9 – Sophomores, (24-57 credits)
  • April 10-16 – Freshmen (0-23 credits)

4. Here are five cool Journalism electives you should consider:

Crime Reporting (George Anastasia) – Prof. Anastasia is a former Inquirer reporter, two-time Pulitzer nominee, author of six books, and expert on the American Mafia. 

Data Journalism (Mark Berkey-Gerard) – Students will gain the skills that are in high demand in newsrooms, including how to gather, analyze and visualize data. An essential course for students interested in covering sports, politics, crime, education or business.

Health Reporting (Dianne Garyantes) – Health journalism and media is a growing field. Students will learn how to report and write on a range of topics and outlets. Also includes collaboration with Rowan’s medical schools.

Special Topic: First Amendment and Film (Candace Kelley) – Explore First Amendment issues through films like People vs. Larry Flint, State of Play, and Runaway Jury.

Sports Broadcasting (Ed Benkin) – Prof. Benkin is a sports anchor and reporter for KYW Radio and WIP Radio. This course covers the basics of sports broadcast techniques.

Special Topic: Art of the Interview (Steve Adubato) – Dr. Steve Adubato, a seasoned broadcaster and former New Jersey legislator, will teach this course on how to develop effective interviewing techniques.

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