Beginner video editing tutorials for Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X vs. Adobe Premiere Pro

Final Cut Pro X
-Used in a lot of newsrooms for quick video editing projects
-Simple to learn and use, especially if you are a Mac person and have used iMovie
-Installed at 301 High in rooms 215 and 205

Adobe Premiere Pro
-Used in newsrooms, but also other media/creative workplaces
-Steeper learning curve, but a more robust program if you are serious about video editing
-Installed around campus
-Available on Rowan Cloud – so you can edit from anywhere on campus or from home. But cloud editing can also be problematic.

Here are some beginning tutorials for each: 

Final Cut Pro X
Final Cut Pro X basics
Final Cut Pro X Tutorial Beginners video (Matthew Pearce)
Final Cut Pro X Tips and Tricks video (Matthew Pearce)

Adobe Premiere Pro
Five editing basics in Premiere Pro (with video tutorials)
Adobe Premiere basic editing techniques (with video tutorials)
Adobe Premiere Pro basics video (Dan Stevers)

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