Week 4: Feb 4 and 8

In Class:
Intro to Being 12 video series (for Wednesdays reading and watching)
Reviewing basics: Headlines, featured image, formatting, and hyperlinks
Verification as Journalism
In-Class assignment on Verification (Worth 1 point)
Equipment check-out
Verification assignment review
Video teams for next week
Being 12 discussion

For Monday, Feb. 13
-One person from each team must reserve, check-out and bring the video equipment to class. Also bring your own headphones, SDHC card, and flashdrive.

-Read  How to make boring things interesting in video by Adam Westbrook
-Watch Being 12: Intro
-Watch Being 12: If you give a 12-year-old a phone
-Watch Being 12: What romance is like in middle school
-Watch Being 12: On race

-Work on Assignment 1: Workflow due prior to your event (No later than Feb 8.) Turn in via email. (See Assignment I: Event Workflow – What to do and how to do it)
Assignment I: Event coverage due Feb. 15. (See How/where to post your post-event coverage of Assignment I: Event)

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