How/where to post your post-event coverage of Assignment I: Event

Cover your event before and during as you have planned out in your workflow. After the event, curate your coverage and summarize your engagement with the audience.

Here is how to do it…

1. Create a public online place for your post-event coverage.

A few options:

Storify (Note: You can’t embed Facebook content)
-Create a new WordPress blog for your event
-Create a post on an existing WordPress blog (if you have one from another class that’s fine with me.)
-Other ideas?

2. Write a headline and byline for your coverage.

It should be compelling, descriptive and include SEO key words. (Don’t write “My event coverage”).

For example: Thousands of Rowan University Students Gather to Break World Record for “Most Foam Fingers in One Gymnasium”
By Jane Student

3. Embed your best multimedia, social media, and links to your online coverage. Use text to lead into the story, explain the five Ws, and provide context to multimedia.

You can include quotes from sources, if they aren’t in your multimedia elements.

Create a narrative of the event and highlight the best work you did.

Use Mashable’s Baltimore Riot coverage and BillyPenn’s Pope Day 2 as a an example. Pay attention to your presentation.

Link to anything you want me to see. This is your chance to show what you have done.

4. At the bottom of your article, write a few sentences to summarize your online engagement with the audience.

You can use hits, retweets, likes, etc. Tell me what happened. You can use screen shots of analytics if it helps make your case.


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