Cigarette Boats and Swiss Army Knives – Interviews with Evan Smith, Texas Tribune

Some key lines for discussion:

“Any media company that is not also a technology company is missing out… and will likely not be around for long.”

Steamship vs. cigarette boat

“I want to wake up in the morning decide to do something and by 11 o’clock it is done.”

“I don’t want to be told no. I want to be told yes.”

“The future of news is trying things in service to greatness and if it doesn’t work, peace.”

“Experimentation and innovation.”

“Not when it’s published, it’s done. When it’s published, it’s just beginning.”

Swiss army knife vs. meat cleaver

Writing, photo, video, social media, data. “Any journalist today has to have a basic competency in all of those things.”

“I need someone who has all those tools and more. And you may not use them but once a year. But when you need them, you have them.”

“Any kid coming out of college… can create something in her dorm room or apartment and be every bit as important as an international media organization. The power to create has been given to this generation.”

“Those kids are so valuable when I’m hiring. They don’t know this, but we need them more than they need us.”

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