Welcome to Online Journalism II – Spring 17

Online Journalism II explores how digital news stories are reported, produced and distributed on various digital platforms. Students will learn what it takes to create high-quality, innovative, multi-platform stories while adhering to the traditional standards of news judgment, accuracy, fairness and truth.

Prerequisites: News Reporting I and Online Journalism I
Recommended: Photojournalism, Publication Layout and Design, On-Camera Field Reporting, Introduction to New Media

This course builds upon the basic skills and knowledge presented in News Reporting I and Online Journalism I.

In this course, students will:

  • Study and analyze award-winning online news stories in order to gain insight into reporting and storytelling techniques.
  • Learn how to generate enterprising story ideas through original reporting.
  • Develop a “digital-first” workflow for reporting and news content creation.
  • Understanding of the unique characteristics of text, photos, audio, video and graphics and when to use each to present a story in the most compelling manner.
  • Explore innovative ways to adapt traditional news story formats for the web and mobile audiences.
  • Improve multimedia reporting and production skills.
  • Produce multimedia stories alone and as member of team.
  • Complete several portfolio-worthy or publishable news stories. In the past, student work from this course has been published in org, NJ.com, South Jersey Times and South Jersey Magazine.

This is a fast-paced, advanced level multimedia journalism workshop. There will be a lot of discussion, back-and-forth, and, as is the case in any newsroom, a fair amount of chaos. The success of the course and the finished products will depend on your energy, entrepreneurial spirit, work ethic, and ability to work together. I will conduct the course as a teacher, group facilitator and editor.

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