Week 10 – March 28 and 30

In Class:
Revised schedule for the rest of the semester
-OJA issue story presentations (Worth 5 quiz points)



Group work on Assignment 3: Issue

-Pitch your issue and get it approved by end of class on Monday.

-Work with your group to answer and write up the following. Due by end of class on Wednesday.

1. Clearly articulate your issue.
What is the issue? Why is it important? Why should people care?

2. Localize the issue.
How are you going to narrow down the issue? What angle? What location? What community?

3. Identify key facts and statistics
List five (5) key things the audience should know/learn about this issue?

4. Identify key players in the issue
Who is affected by this issue? Identify at least four (4) kinds of people or groups.

5. Strategy for locating key players
Where/how are you going to find people to talk to? Come up with a plan for each of the “key players” you identified in Step 4.

6. Identify locations, events and activities where you can report.
Where can you go in the next two weeks to observe, gather multimedia, and see your issue in action?

7. Decide what media is best for telling your story.
Make your plan for gathering multimedia. Photos? Video? Graphics? etc.

8. Outline a concrete plan for reporting/assembling content.
Make a detailed plan of who is doing what and when.

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