Revised Schedule for Rest of Semester

Week 11 – April 4 and 6
How to Post Your Issue Story
-Assignment 4: Profile overview
-Elements of a great profile
-Virtual Reality and Journalism 101 overview
-Assignment 3 group work check in on Wednesday

Week 12 – April 11 and 13
-No Class on Monday, April 11
-Assignment 3 rough draft due Wed, April 13. Bring what you have to class with you.

Assignment 3: Issue due Friday, April 15

Week 13 – April 18 and 20
-VR and Journalism (cont.)
-Things I hope you take away from the semester
-Course evaluation
-Last quiz
-Assignment 4: Profile pitch due

Week 14 – April 25 and 27
No regular class this week. I will meet with each of you individually to go over Assignment 4: Profile first draft

Week 15 – May 2 and 4
Final exam period – May 4, 12:30-2:30pm
-Assignment 4: Profile due Wednesday, May 4 at 2:30pm

GRADUATION – Thursday, May 12

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