Summer & Fall Class Registration

Summer registration is open. Here are the Journalism courses offered:

  • Special Topic: Covering the DNC –BG and Quigley – 7/11-7/29
  • Media Ethics (Online) – Hausman
  • Media Law (Online) – Kelley
  • Senior Seminar (Online) – Hausman
  • Internship – Quigley

Fall 2016 registration starts the Monday after Spring Break:

  • March 21-27…………… Seniors (90 credits)
  • March 28 – April 3…….Juniors (58-89.99 credits)
  • April 4-10…………………Sophomores (24-57.99 credits)
  • April 11-17……………. ..Freshmen (0-23.99 credits)

My pitch for Special Topic: Data Journalism

The ability to obtain, interpret, and display data are essential skills for journalists in the 21st Century. This course covers the basic concepts and techniques of data journalism. Students will find, evaluate, organize and analyze data and learn how to transform it into compelling news stories and visualizations.

In this course, students will:

  • Explore data journalism concepts and skills.
  • Gain insight into how data journalism is practiced in newsrooms.
  • Learn how to obtain data sets through newswires, strategic searching and scraping.
  • Review basic newsroom math and statistics.
  • Learn techniques for sorting, filtering and cleaning data sets.
  • Write news stories using data and statistics.
  • Create infographics and visualizations.

In other words, you will learn about to create stuff like this.

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