Week 6 – Feb. 22 and 24

In Class:
-We will start shooting video in class this week. Bring your equipment (headphones, memory card, flashdrive) to class for the next three weeks.
-Assignment 1 review and feedback
Equipment check out for Journalism courses
Assignment 2: On the Street overview
Exposition, Anecdote and Moment of Reflection: Building blocks of multimedia storytelling
Online Video Tips and Techniques
Video set up for Canon T5i and Rode mic
Final Cut Pro X basics
#WhyJournalism? in-class video assignment (worth 30 quiz points)

-Read The web video problem by Adam Westbrook
-Read How to make boring things interesting in video by Adam Westbrook
-Watch Ira Glass on Storytelling: Part 1
-Review T5i and Final Cut Pro X tutorials so you are ready to start working next class.
-Catch up on reading. Quiz #2 on Wed., March 2. It will cover all reading and class material from Weeks 4, 5, 6.
-Assignment 2 question pitch due Wed., March 2
#WhyJournalism? in-class video assignment due Mon., March 7
Assignment 2: On the Street overview due Friday, March 11

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