Video set up for Canon T5i and Rode mic





Intro to Video with Canon T5i

Setting Up Tripod

Rode Mic Set Up


1. Attach mic


2. Insert SD card


3. Turn Rode mic ON to middle position. Use top position setting only if you are in a location with a lot of background noise.


4. Turn Camera on/off switch to Video Camera icon.

5. Open and flip screen on back of camera.

6. Make sure your battery is charged.

7. Auto and Manual setting

If are new to the T5i video, then the Auto setting (Green A+) setting on the wheel is the best. It will adjust the auto exposure – setting the ISO and aperture – for you.

However, you should always check your file size and audio sound levels first. To do this you need to use the Manual setting (M) first.

Make sure your file size is set and you are getting good sound. Then you can switch back to Auto.

8. Set wheel to M for Manual.


9. Set video file size

-Press Menu Button
-Select 5th red menu option along top of screen (the last red one)
-Select Movie rec. size


-Select 1280 X 720 60fps (or the file size you want)


10. Check sound levels
-Press Menu Button
-Select 5th red menu option along top of screen (the last red one)

-Select Sound recording

-Ask you subject a question. You want sound meter to register around 12 mark. If it is not,  you can move closer.

11. Focus on your subject
Use focus ring to fine tune.

12. Record video
-Press the Movie Record button to START (to right of view finder)
-The time counter will begin
-Press the Movie Record button again to STOP


13. Playback video
Press Playback button (box with blue triangle at bottom right of camera back)


Additional Resources:

Canon Rebel T5i Tutorial video (Fresno State MCJ)

Canon EOS Rebel T5i for Dummies Cheat Sheet

The official Canon T5i manual (pdf)

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