Overview of Being 12 Project

WNYC about page
The Being 12 series website
About the project – What’s the point? (start video at 1 min)
Being 12 Tumblr
Being 12 YouTube
#being12 on Twitter

For Discussion:
-Watch Being 12: Intro
-Watch Being 12: If you give a 12-year-old a phone
-Watch Being 12: What romance is like in middle school
-Watch Being 12: On race


Why is this a more interesting way to do “person on the street?”

What works about these videos?

What do you notice about the visuals?

What do you notice about the audio?

What question(s) do you find most interesting?

Which student(s) stands out to you? Why?

What techniques do you think the reporters may have used to conduct these interviews and get these kids to open up?

Think about all of this is in the context of article How to make boring things interesting in video by Adam Westbrook



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