How to submit Assignment 1: Event

Note: One key aspect of Assignment 1 is your presentation and how you submit it. Follow the instructions below. Make sure everything you do is clear and comprehensive. Make sure I can access everything you want me to see. And make your best case for your work. If you believe your event coverage was “excellent,” then your job is to convince me of that through your headline, curation, summary of your engagement, and featured image. 

You are submitting every aspect of Assignment 1 on the site.

Here is how to do it:

1. Post your Workflow
Post your workflow as outlined in the instructions by Feb. 15

2. Create a Storify Your Event Coverage
After you cover your event, create a Storify of it. Your goal is to curate the best aspects of your before and during coverage and to create a narrative of the event. Pay attention to your presentation. It must include:

  • A clear, descriptive headline that uses key words
  • A short summary or tag line for your story
  • Embed your best tweets, photos, videos, links, etc. You can add outside sources if they help explain the event and add to the content.
  • Text that summarizes the events and introduces each element you curate,
  • 5 Ws of the event (who, what, where, when, why)
  • Your three quotes from sources (with full names) at or connected to the event should be integrated into the Storify and easy for me to identify.
  • Links to anything you want me to see (ie FB posts, tweets, etc).

3. Post a link to your Storify under your Workflow
When you complete your Storify, publish it. And post a link to it under your workflow.

4. Summarize your engagement with the audience.
Before the due date, measure your “engagement” with your audience ( i.e., hits, retweets, favorites, likes, views, etc.)  Right a paragraph that summarizes your engagement, traffic and any responses you received and post it at the bottom of your workflow.

5. Add a Featured Image (Thumbnail) to your Workflow Post
Pick the image from your event coverage that you think is the most descriptive and attention grabbing. Here are instructions for adding a featured image to your post.

6. Update your post.
Go back to the Assignment 1 details and grading criteria and make sure you have hit all of the required elements I’m looking for.

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