Reviewing Storify Assignment


-Headlines and summary or tag line
-Featured Image
-Focus of curation. Does it deliver what is promised?
-Verified accounts?
-Is this item still going to be there in a few days or is it going to get pulled from YouTube?
-Grammar, spelling and AP Style
-Be specific – i.e. “Twitter was extremely active” and beware of Internet stats (ie number of views)
-Finding the detail or element that others don’t. (ie 21-year-old sociology major) or that DeJesus was a kids hip hop show at age 12.
-Text that covers 5 Ws and creates a narrative
-The “Why” of the story.

Jersey Shore Flooding

“SNOWZILLA” devastates the Jersey Shore

Coastal New Jersey towns in a constant flood

Winter Storm Jonas Leaves Jersey Shore Underwater

Chris Christie

The Life and Death Chris Christie’s Turbulent Presidential Campaign

A Series of Unfortunate Events: The Presidential Campaign of Chris Christie

What Happened with Chris Christie Presidential Campaign?

UCLA Gymnast

UCLA Gymnast Sophina Dejesus Becomes Internet Sensation, Adds Hip Hop Moves to Routine

Sophina DeJesus hits the Quan and the Internet roars with approval

UCLA Gymnast Does “Whip” and “Nae-Nae” In Her Floor Routine

Dab-ing Out the Competition

Sophina DeJesus

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