Reimagining the football story brainstorming

Rowan students and larger community. How do you reach this audience? Where do they gather (online and in person)?
-Social media (Twitter, FB – eh? for parents)
-Players and super fans are important for spreading info
-Parents/steady followers/alumni – FB and print
-Word of mouth

List the kind of information/content/forms of media you think students want on this game? When do they want it? 
-Basic info, stats, score, (during the game)
-Background – Why is this game important? (before the game)
-Final score and recap (ASAP after)
-Photos (ASAP after)
-Key stats and players (during games)
-Interviews with players/coaches (before and after)
-Video (highlights, scoring plays, less than 2-5 minutes) and 10 seconds of something really cool that might be on social media.
-Curate content from others athletic department or others (after game)

Our New Workflow

-Short interview with top player or coach- preview (Twitter, FB)
-Game day preview – Instagram post
-Tell followers ahead of time about live coverage. (Twitter, FB, #RUfootball)
-Pre-game analysis and background (online and in print)

-Live tweet the big plays, scoring
-Periscope – live video feed
-Scoring plays on Vine (6 seconds)
-Link and retweet the RTN live feed
-Retweet other people/reporting covering the game
-Snapchat – fans going crazy and big plays

-Video interview with player or coach- reaction to the game
-Photo Gallery (FB)
-Post game story – Recap later that night
-Tease the next game (social media)
-Post game analysis – on Twitter – here is why game went the way it did
-Instagram – top player/profile
-Analysis/interview tying last game to next (in print)
-Profile – Player of the Week (online and in print)

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