Assignment 2: “On the Street” – Spring 2016

Due Friday, March 11 before you leave for Spring Break
Worth 15 points. No late work accepted.

-Sam and Nery
-Joe and SarahJane
-Vin and Tommy
-Michael and Matt
-Margaret, Kevin and Stephen


Being 12 (WNYC series)

Fifty People, One Question: New Orleans
What do you know about Pope Francis and his trip to Philly? (Billy Penn)Goals:

-To apply an innovative “digital-first” approach to traditional person on the street reporting
-To improve video shooting and editing skills
-To create a video with attention to an online audience
-To work with another person to report and produce news content

Assignment Requirements:
-A compelling, newsworthy question (must be approved ahead of time).
-Interviews must be conducted with at least eight (8) people; subjects should be diverse.
-Full names, ages, and occupation for each source required.
-Interviews should be edited into a compelling web-specific video.


Writing (2 points)
-Compelling, descriptive headline with key words
-Introductory text provides necessary context
-Full names, ages, and occupation of sources identified in appropriate location

Visual (3 points)
-Clean, compelling and well-framed visual of interview subjects

Audio (3 points)
-Clean, clear sound of interview subjects

Editing (3 points)
-Interviews edited in a clear, compelling manner with attention to digital audience

Content (4 points)
-On the street package provides content that is newsworthy, compelling, thought-provoking and/or fun to watch. (One way to measure this: Is this something you would share on social media with others?)

How to Post Your Assignment:

  1. Export your video and post it to a public YouTube or Vimeo account. (For instructions,see Final Cut Pro X tutorial.)
  2. Export a still image from your video. (For instructions, see Final Cut Pro X tutorial.)
  3. Create a post on
  4. Embed your video in the post.
  5. Write a compelling headline that is clear, descriptive and uses key words.
  6. Write introductory text that provides necessary context for the video. Full names, ages, and occupation are required for each source in your video. If they are not included in the video using lower-thirds, then you must put them in the text of the post.
  7. Include bylines for each member of your team.
  8. Upload your still image as a featured image to the post.
  9. Publish it.



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