Week 7 – Oct 13

Note: NO CLASS on Thursday, Oct. 15

In Class:
Review Assignment 2: Event
Review Quiz 2
Assignment 3: Issue – Goals and Groups


1. Due next Tuesday, Oct. 20 – Your group’s Assignment 3: Issue story pitch

  • What is your issue?
  • Why is it interesting?
  • Possible sources (for facts and people)

2. Also due next Tuesday, Oct 20
Quiz #3: Take home quiz – Worth 10 points
Email it to me by start of class. Use subject line “Online Journalism 2 – Quiz 3

Explore the ONA issue examples and answer questions below:

Pick one example that you particularly liked. Answer the following questions (2 or 3 sentences each)

  1. What is the issue? Why were you drawn to it?
  2. What did you learn that you did not know before? How did this piece change your perspective?
  3. How did the reporters make you care about this issue?
  4. How is the story/piece structured for formatted?
  5. What media elements are used? (ie text, video, graphics) What function/purpose does each media element serve?


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