In-Class Assignment: Curating with Storify

Worth 10 Quiz Points

Your assignment is to curate a summary of a news story using Storify.

You have three story choices. Pick one:

  1. Hurricane Joaquin – What are the predictions for New Jersey and how people are people preparing/responding?
  2. Overview of circumstances and remembrances of Evan Murray, a New Jersey highschool quarterback who recently died.
  3. Update on latest development in Chris Christie’s campaign for President – ie polls, issues, appearances, attacks on other candidates, etc.

Storify is just the tool for doing this. The main goal of the assignment is to practice the key aspects of journalistic curation, including how to:

  • Identify essential pieces information
  • Verify sources and check facts
  • Provide context to social media posts
  • Assemble a summary or narrative of a news story that makes sense of a chaotic bunch of information
  • Play to the strengths of individual media elements (text, photos, sound, video, graphics) to create the most compelling content
  • Pay attention to contiguity – how individual media elements (text, photos, sound, video, graphics) relate to each other

For this curation assignment, you are required to (and be graded on):

Include at least six (6) sources from at least three (3) different social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google News, YouTube, etc).

Include at least two (2) visuals – photos, video or both. Each visual must be relevant and provide valuable insight or information to your topic.

Verify each source of information that you include in your Storify. Each source included needs to be credible and directly relevant to your topic. For example, with a Twitter source, look at their previous tweets and look at the information they are sharing. The profile information on a social media account should be clear. Would you be able to contact this source for more information or verification?

Fact-check each key piece of information by confirming it from another source.

Write text summaries. If your social media elements need explanation, clarification or connection you must write that in the space above them. For example, they can further explain the ideas from your social media elements, explain how different items are connected, and/or introduce the ideas from the elements and where they are from.

Write a compelling headline and 100-word summary at the top of your Storify. Your headline should include key words for search, convey the main point of your Storify, and be compel the reader to continue. Your summary should cover the 5 Ws.

Your completed Storify should summarize the key aspects of story, provide compelling social media content, and provide links to learn more.

Get started:

  1. Before you start, read Storify’s top tips for curating with ease.
  2. Go to to sign up for an account.
  3. Click on New Story button.
  4. This will take you to the “Create a Story” screen. The left-hand side is where you build the story and the right-hand side of the screen contains a list of social media elements. You can search for content from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Google, RSS feeds and there’s also an option to paste in specific urls. The “+” sign at the right will reveal more options.
  5. Use the search features to find the best information from different sources. You can explore them and then drag and drop into your timeline.
  6. You can add text to introduce individual media elements or to advance the summary or narrative.
  7. You can rearrange the order of your elements as you go.
  8. When you are finished compiling your Storify, write your headline and 100 word summary at the top.
  9. Hit “Publish” (blue button at the top of the toolbar)
  10. Email me a link to your Storify.

(This assignment was adapted from resources by Millerbh and Kelly Fincham)

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