In class audio and photo assignment

Worth 5 quiz points. Try to complete this today. If you can’t, make sure it is posted by Tuesday, Sept. 15 when you come to class. 

Study the portraits and read/listen to the quotes on the Being 12 Tumblr

  • What do you notice? What sticks out to you?
  • Which photo stands out to you? Why?
  • Which student stands out to you? Why?
  • What techniques do you think the reporters may have used to take these photos and conduct these interviews?

Now it’s your turn…

Get a partner. Find a place that you can talk for a few minutes.

Take turns interviewing each other. Record it with your audio recorder. Listen for good quotes that you might use later.

Make sure you ask:

  • Full name – including how to spell it.
  • Age
  • Year in school, major
  • Hometown
  • Why are you a journalism major? Get them to articulate the reason(s). What is the appeal of the profession? What do you hope to do with your degree? Why do you think journalism is a profession worth your time and energy?

Find a place with good light and a good clean background. Take portraits of each other. Take at least 25 photos. Review them together. Take photos until you get one that your partner likes.

Come back to the room.

Accept my invitation to (Talk to me if you are having trouble.)

Make a New Post (Don’t use the Quick Post option. Go to Dashboard>Posts>Add New.)

Make your partner’s name the headline.

Post a photo of your partner (Medium size). Also set the photo as the “featured image” for the post (in the lower right hand corner).

Listen for a good quote in your audio. Transcribe it word for word.

Under the photo write out the best quote you heard and name. And put your name in the photo credit so I know who took it. For example, see the sample.

Publish your post. Make sure it looks good.

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