Welcome to Online Journalism II – Fall 15

Online Journalism II – CRN 40400 JRN 02325 – 1
Tuesday and Thursday, 12:30 a.m. – 1:45 p.m.
301 High Street, Room 205
Instructor: Mark Berkey-Gerard

Students will learn to conceptualize, design and implement a news website with emphasis on multimedia content creation and presentation. The course will examine content strategy, editing and production techniques.

This class uses a hands-on workshop approach to explore digital journalism. Students will study award-winning online news packages and perform a series of assignments that replicate professional reporting and storytelling techniques. The course emphasizes “enterprise reporting,” the process of identifying, reporting and telling newsworthy stories. Students will refine their multimedia skills and learn to integrate text, audio, photographs, video and graphics. The course will also explore the role of social networks and mobile apps in news reporting and how to create multimedia content for websites, tablets and mobile devices.

Prerequisites: News Reporting I and Online Journalism I
Recommended: Photojournalism, Publication Layout and Design and/or On-Camera Field Reporting

This course is a continuation of Online Journalism I. Each student will become more proficient in her/his interviewing, reporting, writing, editing and multimedia production skills.

In this course, students will:

  • Learn how to generate enterprising story ideas through original reporting.
  • Develop a “digital first” workflow for reporting and content creation.
  • Explore the art of interviewing and listening to subjects in a way that allows people to tell their own stories in a vivid and intimate manner.
  • Improve multimedia reporting skills, including how to best use and integrate text, photos, audio, video and graphics.
  • Explore digital storytelling forms and online narrative structures.
  • Produce multimedia stories alone and as member of team.
  • Complete several multimedia news stories suitable for internship or job applications with the goal of having them published. In the past, student work from this course has been published in NewsWorks.org, NJ.com, South Jersey Times and South Jersey Magazine.
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