Rough Draft Meeting Schedule for the Week

There is no regularly scheduled class this week. Instead, I will meet with each person or team individually to go over a rough draft of your final project. Bring as much as you can to the meeting (text, photos, video, etc) so I can respond.

All meetings will be held in Bozorth 105E. Please be on time.

Monday, April 27
12:40 pm -Paul

Tuesday, April 28
2:00 pm – Joe

Wednesday, April 29
11:00 am – Logan, Taylor and Anthony
12:00 pm – Andrew
12:20 pm – Steve
12:40 pm – Robin
1:00 pm – Kayla
1:20 pm – Chelsey
1:40 pm – Caitlin and Raquel

Thursday, April 30
11:00 am – Lauren
11:40 am – Carleen and Gina
12:00 pm – Rob
2:00 pm – Stephanie


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