Final Project Pitches

Post your final project pitch in the comments section below.

  • Story pitch written in XY format. (I’m doing a story about X…and it is interesting Y…)
  • What media are you using? Why is this the best way to tell the story?
  • Make sure your name is there. If you are working with a partner, tell me who is working in your team.
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13 Responses to Final Project Pitches

  1. KOL says:

    Kayla Lewis (Audio Slideshow)
    X- I’m doing a story about the restaurant Grilly Cheese in Glassboro, N.J.
    Y – It is interesting because Grilled Cheese is a simple staple dish that is popular among children, but two adults have figured out a way to franchise and appeal it to everyone. Grilly Cheese started out as a food truck in Philadelphia and shortly after turned into an actual business. The has restaurant offers about 20+ different variations of a grilled cheese sandwich that can appeal to anyone’s tastebuds.

  2. laurenrodia says:

    I’m going to be doing a story about the natural science class at Cape May County Technical High School. This class of high school students have been working on building and placing osprey nests on the marshes along Rte 47, which makes it easier to tag new ospreys and helps bring up the population of these protected birds.

    I would ideally like to tell this story in a video format. There are a lot of visuals (the birds, the nests, etc) and I think I could get a really good interview from the teacher of the class as well as her students. If not, a slide show would work too.

  3. paulhudrick3 says:

    I’m doing a story about Mario Oliveta. He is studying art at Rowan after getting his soul sucked out by a sales job. He has been really into abstract art lately. He speaks about it passionately. He recently sold one of his pieces and is working to set up a gallery at a venue Vineland.
    I’m thinking an audio slide show would be the best media to use. I have a vision of getting some time lapse photos of him beginning a piece and throughout the process and then of the finished product. I think getting some close up shots (some more intense looks) will capture that passion in which he speaks about it.

    Paul Hudrick

  4. gfandfab says:

    Caitlin Ware and Raquel Anderson-

    We are doing a story on the Broadway Theatre of Pitman. It has been there since 1926 and only does community theater productions. It is interesting because the theater is absolutely booming with business (all shows are sold out for the next six months) despite countless other movie theaters and more modern entertainment venues around it.

    We will either be doing a photo essay or an audio slide show depending on the quality of audio gathered.

  5. I’m doing a story about the Cape May Zoo and it’s interesting because they are a non-profit organization that doesn’t have a price of admission but rather takes donations. They also have a Conservation Program, in which they house endangered animals and try to rehabilitate them. It’d be cool to see how they can maintain an entire park solely on donations and to learn more about the Conservation Program.

    In regards to the media, I’m stuck between video and audio soundslide. Video would be cool because you could actually see the zookeepers interact with the animals, however the audio/photograph combination could make the viewer imagine the zoo by animal sounds and the zookeeper’s voices. I could also get some really cool, detailed close-up shots of the animals; with video, the animals may move too much for me to capture a cool image.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I plan on doing a story about University Lanes and Kegler’s Bar, a local bowling alley and watering hole on Delsea that features live music on Friday nights from local, student, and area bands and musicians. I plan on covering the live show this Friday night in and interviewing the lane’s manager, as well as bar patrons and the musicians. I will record the interviews and transcribe them into an article, accompanied by either a photo gallery or a video, depending on the conditions.

    – Andrew Konzelmann

  7. forlenzar0 says:

    Video: Cross fit gym in Sewell NJ. Why is cross fit so popular and talk about differences from cross fit to traditional lifting.
    Picture slide show: Drive in theater in Vineland. Not so much about why people go to the drive in theaters now but the tradition and what its like to maintain a place like this.

  8. We are doing a story about Fortescue, New Jersey it is interesting because a hidden gem along the bay. Although the town has fallen on hard times the fishing culture seems to still be prevalent and many people flock to Fortescue beach off on New Jersey Avenue to fish off the shore.

    We are using video with photos and interviews. The town is picturesque and we hope capture the feeling of being there with the quirky town and the people in it.

    TAYLOR, LOGAN and ANTHONY!!!!!!!

  9. chelseyfairfield says:

    I’m doing a story about a four-year-old boy named Jacob and his mom Stacy that reside in Dorothy, New Jersey. Jacob is an avid fan of the military, so Stacy decided to adopt a soldier overseas through a program to instill a positive influence for Jacob. Since adopting their soldier, Jacob has influenced many people in his town to also adopt a soldier and the domino affect has been rapid. He even conducted a presentation in front of his pre-school class and now the class is involved in the program. They often make Thank-You cards for their soldier and send over care packages. For Jacob’s fifth birthday in May, he is even asking his friends to bring items for his next care package for his solder in lieu of gifts. I will be interviewing Jacob, Stacy, Jacob’s teacher and possibly one of the members of their community who was also recruited by Jacob. If I can get enough permission forms from Jacob’s class, I will be using video for my final project.

  10. spistone says:

    I’m going to do a story about the reconstruction of the Palace of Depression, a strange landmark in Vineland. It’s interesting because of the story of the man who created it, an Alaskan gold miner named George Daynor who lost his fortune when the stock market crashed in 1929. In 1932, after walking from New York City to Vineland (where land was $1 per acre), Daynor completed the Palace, a house made entirely of junk, trash, and scrap pieces. Amazingly enough, Daynor lived and thrived here with his wife from 1932, until his death in 1964 (He reportedly lived to be 104 years old!). The Palace eventually degraded and was damaged by a fire. The property was left idle until 2007, when Kevin Kirchner and Jeffrey Tirante began restoration efforts. After lots of red tape and vandalism incidents, the project is really picking up traction and is projected to be complete by the summer of 2017. I went to the restoration site on April 20 to interview Kirchner and Tirante, and also received a tour of the fascinating building. I plan on writing an in-depth story about Daynor and the Palace, as well as Kirchner and Tirante’s valiant efforts in rebuilding the historic landmark. Accompanying the article will be a photo slideshow of the landmark.

  11. joemagaletta says:

    I want to do a story about the South Jersey Hellhounds, a quidditch team based right in Williamstown. I think this is interesting because I want to see how dedicated these people are to a relatively new sport that barely gets any attention. I think video would definitely be the best choice for this story, as it would be the best way to capture the sport.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Carleen and Gina are doing a story on Tokyo Mandarin in Glassboro. It is interesting because it was recently remodeled and typically Rowan students tend to go to Samurai and Tomo. This is also the only Japanese/Chinese restaurant in Glassboro. We plan to take pictures and do a review of our experience there.

  13. Robin Hester says:

    The”Lousy Bowling” club
    As I took a visit inside of Brunswick Zone bowling alley located on Delsea Drive, I heard a league tournament -like affair going on. So I went home and looked up the leagues at the bowling alley and found a unique club called the “Lousy Bowlers” club. This club bols strictly for the fun of it and not necessarily to win in fact, their moto is: “Can’t score, no worries.”
    The club is a 12 week just-for-fun club, 3 games per week and 4 players per team. Also, they can get unlimited “gutter” balls…amazing.
    I thought this to be a potential story because most bowlers play to better their average and even to win, but not this group. It doesn’t matter one way or the other.
    *I would like to interview the captain of the club and find out how the clube first started and significance of its existence.
    *I would also like to interview the manager of the establishment, to see if this particular league competes with other leagues within the other Brunwicks Zones in South Jersey.

    The best way to capture this story is with video. Because this activity is a sport, the story should be told with sound and motion.

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