Week 10

-Note: We will be meeting in Bozorth 132B from April 1 to April 15 so you can edit video on Final Cut X.

In Class:
Assignment 3: Audio Slide Show due Monday, March 30 at end of class
-Video project deadlines: Rough cut and something to show me by Wednesday, April 8. Final by Wednesday, April 15.
Steps for planning, shooting, and editing your video project

Before you leave class today, you need to have the following:

  • One person should post your video story idea to the comments section
  • Read other teams video ideas and make sure there are no duplicates
  • A schedule of when you are reporting/shooting
  • Storyboard 8 shots related to your subject that you plan on getting. Make sure you have the required five shots (WS, MS, CU, PoV, RS)
  • An equipment plan (What are you using to shoot? What do you need? What do you need to check out? Who is checking it out?)

Assignment 4: Video Project story pitch due Wednesday, April 1

Over the weekend, shoot some video. Get five b-roll shots of some activity.Make sure you have the required five shots (WS, MS, CU, PoV, RS). Also set up an interview shot with someone. Ask them about the activity. Get at least 1 min of interview. Bring your six shots to class on Monday. (Worth 10 quiz points)

Quiz on Monday, April 6 on:

  • Kobre Chap 10 – Shooting a Sequence
  • Kobre Chap 12 – Writing a Script
  • Kobre Chap 13 – Editing the Story

NOTE: Final Exam period will be Wednesday, May 6 from 2:45 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.

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2 Responses to Week 10

  1. KOL says:

    X:Brunswick Zone in Deptford, NJ.
    Y: The Lousy Bowler’s Club, worst score wins game.

    X: Hollydel Ice Rink in Sewell, NJ.
    Y: NHL player Johnny Gooddrow’s father operates rink.

  2. spistone says:

    Andrew, Joe and I will be covering the Rowan men’s club lacrosse team, Rowan’s only men’s lacrosse team. They’ve been around for about 8 years now and have come a long way. We want to see how good they’ve become and see whether they’ll become DIII in the near future.

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