Assignment 4: Group Video Project

-Story Pitch due Wednesday, April 1
-Rough Cut due Wednesday, April 8 Monday, April 13
-Project due Wednesday, April 15 Monday, April 20

Worth 15 points
(20 percent off for late work)
Post to

This is a group project. Teams will be assigned. Students must schedule reporting and editing time with each other. This will happen outside of the usual class time. Team members will receive the same grade.


Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

Team 4

Team 5

Team 6

Topic: Sports/Activities Along Route 47
The theme for the project is a sport or physical activity near or connected to Route 47. You are looking for unusual, surprising, or unique activities. You are looking for action.

The stories should be “evergreen” feature stories or profile based, rather than news based. You are looking for stories that won’t go out of date quickly. However, they can still be timely.

The project must meet high journalistic standards for accuracy and ethics. All information must be able to hold up to criticism and legal challenge. This is a public website, and students are responsible for all content.

The project will consist of:

Each team will submit three items:

· A 500-word article
· A video (max. 2 min.) exported as either an .m4v or .mov file. posted to YouTube or Vimeo
· Still image to use as a thumbnail

Here are examples from some former students:

Rowan Women’s Rugby Enters First Season of Competitive Play
In Its First Season, Rowan Women’s Ice Hockey Makes Headlines
Practicing the “True Art of Dog Training”
Kronum Comes to Rowan
Deaf Disk Golfers Play Vineland
Ed’s Bike Shop
Pitman Yoga Studio Offers Healing
Racetrack Fulfills the Need for Speed
Vaulters Mix Horseback Riding and Gymnastics

Submission Guidelines:
All assignments must be in the proper format to publish on the website.

Each team will create a video shot with a Kodak video camera (or your own camera) and edited on the video software of your choosing. I recommend Final Cut X (in Bozorth 132B). Use the “in their own words” style where reporter’s voice is not heard. Gather interviews and b-roll with action.

Back up your raw footage. Before you return your camera, make sure to save all of your raw footage to your hard drive or computer. If your project crashes, you need to have the raw footage as back up.

I suggest you pick one computer for editing and use that for the whole project. Moving from computer to computer and different versions of editing software creates problems. I strongly suggest you use an external hard drive to back up your project. A flash drive will not be big enough.

Add a Title Card for story headline and reporters’ names. Stick to a basic title card like Lower Thirds option, black background, and flush your text to the left. Display for 4 seconds.

For example, (flushed left):
New Jersey State Fish Faces Extinction
Video by Bobby Journalist and Jane Reporter

Use the Lower Thirds to introduce people. Those lower thirds should be centered. Make sure you have full names (first and last) and title.

When you are finished editing, export and compress into web-ready format. (See below.)

Create a Word document and write your headline, bylines and 500-word article to accompany your video. This will serve as the introductory text for the web site and cover the basics.

Post to Embed video. Post article. Use still image as Featured Image.

Make sure you have multiple copies saved in multiple locations. Put everything on a flashdrive.

Grading Criteria


  • Sport or physical activity in South Jersey
  • At least two interviews
  • 2 min. or less
  • Three media elements in proper formats – 1.)Video exported as either an .m4v or .mov file. posted to YouTube or Vimeo, 2.) Still image captured from the video in .jpg format, 3.) A Word document with headline, bylines and a 500 word article that answers 5 Ws and teases video)

Story Content

  • Compelling story and characters
  • Narrative arc (beginning, middle, end)
  • Action
  • Soundbite selection
  • Motivation/Why conveyed/Clear focus
  • Opening and closing shots


  • Sound quality
  • B-roll
  • Interviews
  • Steady shots
  • Light and shadows
  • Framing
  • Edits
  • Lower thirds and title card


  • Descriptive and compelling headline that uses key words
  • A strong lead
  • A nut graph that states clear what the story is about.
  • Text that answers 5 Ws
  • Organized story structure – with key points and examples and quotes to support each point.

How to Export in Final Cut Pro X

Add Export File Destination

>Add Destination
Drag the icon for Export File to the menu on the left
Close the window

Select Export File icon
Click on Settings
Set Video Codec to H.264
1280 X 720 resolution
Click Next
Save to your Desktop or other location

Create a still image in Final Cut Pro X

Add Still Image Destination

>Add Destination
Drag the icon for Save Current Frame to the menu on the left
Close the window

Select Save Current Frame icon
Click on Settings
Set to .jpg
Click Next
Save to your Desktop or other location


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6 Responses to Assignment 4: Group Video Project

  1. Anonymous says:

    Taylor Bailey and Logan Boyko will be covering Pinnacle Parkour Academy, in Washington Township

  2. LoganB says:

    Taylor Bailey and Logan Boyko will be covering Pinnacle Parkour Academy located in Washington Township

  3. Chelsey, Anthony and I are going to cover Freefall Adventures in Williamstown

  4. Anonymous says:

    Caitlin, Raquel, Lauren-

    We will be attending Nadiir King’s Homerun Derby in Washington Township. He passed away in April of last year from a genetic heart condition. The home run derby is being held in his honor. All of the funds raised will be put towards a scholarship to honor his memory.

  5. Anonymous says:

    We are doing our video on a UFC Gym in Turnersville. We spoke to Chris, who is a trainer, manager and UFC fighter. We are going to talk about how he got involved with UFC and what the gym offers to the public.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Rob, Carleen and Gina are doing UFC^^^

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