Background on twins practice slide show

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From LA Times:

Times photographer Mel Melcon had been wanting to photograph a pair of 100-year-old identical twin sisters, Venice Shaw and Inez Harries, but because of a mix-up, the assignment was given to another photographer.

Discouraged at first, Melcon later found out that the sisters were being thrown a party for their 100th birthday by family members at Inez’s church. This was a chance to get them interacting with others. Here he could be a fly on the wall and catch natural photographs.

The party yielded good moments for photographs, Melcon said, but he needed more. He arranged to meet them for two portrait sessions. Mindful that his subjects were older than the people he normally photographs, he was careful about how to position them. Venice’s daughter brought matching tops to help with the “twins” theme. The sweaters each read, “Double trouble.”

Telling them apart was tricky at first, Melcon said, but he came to tell them apart by the sound of their voices.

Melcon also noted how healthy the sisters were. “They don’t look or act 100,” he said.  Inez still walks around on her own power and, although Venice has a cane, Melcon said he hardly ever saw it touch the ground.

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