Week 7 and 8

In Class:
Pitch audio slide show idea
Read your classmates’ audio slide show ideas
-Finish in-class audio slide show exercise (worth 15 quiz points). Make sure I see it.
-Revise Assignment 2 (if I emailed you about it)
-Meet with team to discuss audio slide show plans/reporting/schedules
-Look at examples of pro and student audio slide shows that are most closely related to your idea (i.e., art, religion, music, food, fashion, etc)
-Work on Assignment 3 (if you have audio to edit or photos to work with)
-Proofread NJSouthbound stories
-NJSouthbound group tasks (TBA)

Next Quiz will be Monday, March 9, and it will cover:

  • Kobre Chap 5 – Camera Basics
  • Kobre Chap 6 – Camera Exposure and Handling
  • Kobre Chap 7 – Light and Color
  • Kobre Chap 9 – Combining Audio and Stills

-Working on Assignment 3: Audio Slide Show due before you leave for Spring Break  by Friday, March 13 at 5 p.m. Monday, March 30 at end of class.

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