Audio slide show ideas

Please pitch your audio slide show idea in the comments section below. Frame it in XY story formula. If you are in a team, only one pitch is needed. Please put a name with pitch so I know who is doing what.

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9 Responses to Audio slide show ideas

  1. paulhudrick3 says:

    Steve Nakovich is the founder and frontman of a band called Finding Westerly. Finding Westerly was established in 2002 and, despite lineup changes and a brief hiatus or two, is gearing up for a big show at The Trocadero in Philly. Steve is married with two kids and runs a bowling alley. At 30, he still has the same passion for his music as he did when he started the band when he was 17.

  2. forlenzar0 says:

    X- Talk to the owner or person who runs Me and You Pizza
    Y- “Best Pizza in Deptford since 1972” I would like to highlight the owner and what makes this pizzeria so unique. How did the owner get involved with pizza making and see where it goes from there.

    I called this morning but the owner wasn’t in. I left my name, number and why I was calling. If I dont receive a call back tomorrow I will call again.
    I’m also still looking into a few other ideas.

  3. spistone says:

    Lauren and I are covering Jeff Vanaman, a local glassblower from Clayton. He’s interesting because he’s got a good personality and has been doing glasswork for over 30 years. He’s also a Rowan grad (former photo editor of The Whit) and has been in South Jersey his entire life. He says he does glassblowing not for the artistic purpose of it, but for the historical significance of it.

  4. antmedina says:

    Juliana Jost is a 29 year old art teacher at Vineland High and has started her own side business called Art Party. Jost travels to various locales and puts together a 2 hour segment where the participants will follow her instructions to paint a picture. She has a few reoccurring places she does this at, but also will do this for anyone who requests her service, for example – Bridal parties, birthday parties, bachelorette parties, wineries, etc… Jost is just at the beginning of her small business and has high aspirations for how it will grow.

  5. chelseyfairfield says:

    Taylor Bailey and I are going to Coda Rossa winery in Franklinville to check out behind the scenes how the wine is made and what makes this particular winery unique

  6. gfandfab says:

    Gene LaPierre is the owner of LaPierre Ballroom Dance Studio in Glassboro. He has been teaching and dancing for over 20 years and channels his passion for dance into helping others gain social confidence and relieve stress through dancing. He is interesting because the focus of the dancing isn’t to compete in dance competitions (although he does do that as well). The focus is allowing people to expand their horizons and try something new.

  7. Raquel

    I am covering a Bakery called Ms. Chrissy’s Sweet Cafe in Glassboro, owned by Christine Maxwell. She has owned the cafe/bakery since 1968 and has been completely homemade the entire time. Ms. Chrissy’s started off as a local bakery but now her products are starting to gain a reputation and her customers are increasing.

  8. Robin Hester says:

    I posted on monday and I am not sure why it is not showing up. Stephanie, Carleen and myself plan to cover a Hindu Temple member and their weekly ceremonies

  9. LoganB says:

    Who I am looking to cover for my audio slide show is Don Thompson, owner of Don’s Barber Shop in Mt. Holly. Don has owned this shop and cut hair out of this exact location for six decades and has established himself as one of the most well known barbers in the South Jersey region. This shop was purchased by Don in 1958 and everything within the shop is still in it’s natural state (1958). It will be interesting to find out how Don has stayed in business for so long and hopefully encounter some long-time customers of his.

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