Assignment 2: Multimedia Profile

Due Wednesday, Feb. 18 at the end of class* Friday, February 20 at 10 p.m.
*This will give you a chance to finish audio editing in classroom
(Worth 10 points. Late = deduction of 2 points)

Find a person or a location along Route 47 or just off of it. Your sources must NOT be friends or relatives. For this assignment, you will record audio, take photographs, and write a short article. You must create all media content yourself. If you are including audio clip that you did not create (i.e., music from a band) you must obtain permission to use it from the owner and give proper credit in the text of your article. No photos from other sources allowed.

Your goal is to create a vivid, mini-profile of a person or a place. You will mix text, photos and audio.

The point is to create a series of multimedia profiles like this.

You will create the following five (5) items:

  1. A tweet that serves as the teaser for your story.
  2. 300-500 word article with a compelling, descriptive headline using key words
  3. 60 to 90 second audio clip (.mp3)
  4. 3 photos (.jpg, high quality, approx. 600 x 450)
  5. One of your photos above should be your “gateway” featured image – a photo for the homepage or social media that draws readers in.

To create these media elements:

1. Do some leg work to find a story. Do research. Make phone calls. Go somewhere. You are looking for something unexpected, surprising, and unique.  Find the most compelling story you can.

2. Take a camera and your audio recorder. (Microphone and headphones will help a lot.) Introduce yourself. Let everyone you talk to or photograph know that this is for a public web site.

3. Audio Reporting: Interview your subject(s). Try to ask questions that elicit anecdotes and moments of reflection, not just information. You may also want to gather other sounds (natural sound effects) to enhance your audio and tell your story.

4. Photo Reporting: Take photos of the event, activity, and people you interview. Capture a variety of shots (wide, medium, close-up, detail, etc). Take more photos than you need (Try to take at least 50 photos). Look for moments that capture the essence of the experience. Make sure you have strong images the person or people in your audio.

6. Audio Editing: Edit your audio to 60 to 90 seconds. Edit out the sound of your own voice and questions. Integrate natural sounds to make it more vivid. Use your audio to capture voice, emotion, personality, and anecdotes. Try to identify and include an anecdote and a moment of reflection in your audio edit.

7. Photo Editing: Pick your three best photographs to accompany the audio and text. Use your photos to present visuals, portraits of people, action, and specific moments. Look for a “gateway” image.

8. Writing: Write a short article to go with your audio and photos (approximately 300-500 words). Use the text to convey basic information (who, what, where, when, why) and to entice the viewer to explore the audio and photos. Make sure you have first and last names spelled correctly. Write a compelling headline for your story that is descriptive and uses key words.

10. Make sure all of your media is saved in the proper format and named correctly. (See list above).

11. Put your audio clip, three photos, and text document in a folder called YourLastNameA2. Save it. Hang on to it. Don’t delete it.

12. Post your story to

Follow these instructions (and see Sample post)

  • Write a compelling headline.
  • Write a short, tweet-sized teaser for your story (no more than 140 characters). Don’t actually tweet it. Just post it at the top of your article.
  • Include your byline.
  • Upload your audio to Soundcloud and embed it into the post. (Follow these instructions.)
  • Format your text, photos and audio in a way that you think best presents your story.
  • Set a featured image. This is your “gateway” image.
  • Publish it and make sure it shows up on the homepage.

Grading: Worth Total 10 points

1 point = Audio edited to 60 to 90 seconds, no reporter’s voice, natural sounds.
1 point = Quality of audio gathering and editing.
1 point = 3 photos. At least one photo must be of a person. At least one photo must show some action.
1 point = Quality of photos. Focus, framing, light, variety.
1 point = 300-500 words article with a compelling tweet and descriptive headline.
1 point = Quality of text. 5 Ws, lead, structure, free of grammatical errors and typos.
3 points = Story content. Is it compelling, relevant, worth reading, hearing, seeing, and sharing? Do the elements work together to provide a cohesive and vivid story?
1 point = Formatting of the media elements. Is the text, photos and audio arranged in a way that best presents the story?

 Some inspiration:

Fourth (
Patient Voices (
Caught Between Love and Country (
A Tattoo To Remember (
Portraits of the New Homeless (
Subway Preachers (
Running Voices (

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