Week 1

In Class:
Course overview and syllabus (Download a pdf of the syllabus if you want a hard copy. All of the information is available on this website.)
Books and reading
Delsea Drive project overview
-Your first assignment: Beat Note 1

-Get your equipment bag organized and ready to go. What do you need?

-Get your book and start reading:

  • Kobre Chap 16 – Marketing a Story
  • Kobre Chap 14 – Ethics
  • Kobre Chap 15 – The Law

-Spend some time exploring our publication and our partners. Come to class on Monday with a reaction. What do you notice about these publications? What kinds of stories are here? What kinds of stories might students in this class contribute to these publications?

-Spend some time on these websites which do similar beats. Come to class with one favorite story. What grabbed your attention and why?

-Start working on Beat Note 1

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