Audio Slide Show How To

-Good sound. Interviews.
-Variety of photos.
-Photos of audience/interaction/reaction
-Portrait of person talking if multiple people
-Content of photos and audio match
-Use of natural sound – hear the location
-Shoot all photos horizontally
-Multiple locations
-Matching pictures and words – what is seen and what is heard
-Must have portraits of the people of talk
-Black and white vs. Color – It has to work.
-Variety, different voices, accents
-Get great people.
-Photos of person doing what they do – action, expression
-Must have moments of reflection

-Under exposed photos, blurry
-No too much pause between anecdotes
-What are we looking at?
-Talk, laugh, breathe, gauffawh
-Base your story around things you can’t photograph – ie memories

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