Assignment 3: Audio Slide Show

Due Wed., Oct. 22 Friday, Oct. 24 at noon
(Worth 10 points/Late = deduction of 2 points)

Laura and Chantal
Lauren and Becca
Dan and Stephen
Michael, Hayley and Bianca
Ali and Anika


Objective: To create an audio slide show that profiles an individual or group of people connected to Route 47. This is a profile of a person or a group of people. It is a concise biographical sketch told with audio and visuals. It should not need a lot of text to explain.

Topic: For this assignment, the subject must be related to the arts, fashion, music, food, or religion.

Off campus: For this assignment, students must report off campus. No Rowan-related subjects allowed.

Solo or In Pairs: Students can decide if they want to work solo or in a team that I assign. A team of two people is preferable since you can have one person doing audio while the other does photos. Students who work in pairs will receive the same grade for the assignment.

What You Need to Do:
• Find a good subject.
• Bring your story pitch by Oct. 15
• Set up an interview and record it.
• Gather ambient and natural sounds.
• Photograph your subject. Take 100+ photos. You need a good photo for every 5 seconds of edited audio. (ie 1:30 = 18 good photos)
• Convert your audio files. Edit your audio. Export as mp3 with “High Quality”
• Select and crop your photos.
• Synch the audio and photos together in Sound Slides to tell the story.

Basic Parameters:
-A profile of one person or group of people
-Subject connected to the arts, music, fashion, food, or religion along Route 47.
-Aim for 90 seconds in length. Maximum is 2:00.
-“In her own words” – No narration or sound of interviewers voice
-Use accompanying text article (no more than 300 words) for background context

Grading Criteria:
• Quality of reporting (Did you go somewhere, meet someone, and put in effort to find a good story?)
• Quality of audio (Good sound quality/smooth editing)
• Quality of photos (Focus, framing, variety of shots)
• Quality of editing (Pacing and synching of audio and photos)
• Strong beginning: visual and audio.
• Strong ending: visual and audio
• Is there an anecdote?
• Is there is a moment of reflection?
• Is there a story?
• Accompanying text article with headline, teaser and proper credits
• Files submitted in proper format and names

How to Turn in Assignment

For this assignment, you will need to turn in:

  • A video version of your audio slide show. (Follow the last step on step-by-step handout.)
  • A single image to use as your thumbnail or entry point to the story. (It should be one of your most engaging photos)
  • Headline, bylines, a tweet for your story, and a three to four sentence teaser. Make sure the text covers the basics: who, what, where, when, and why. It should fill in any gaps in information that the audio slide show does not cover. It should be compelling. The headline, tweet and teaser should all hook the reader and make her click on the audio slide show.

To turn in your assignment:

  1. Upload your video to a public YouTube or Vimeo account.
  2. Make a post on
  3. Write a  compelling, descriptive headline using key words.
  4. Post bylines for you and teammates.
  5. Write a 140 (max) character tweet for your story.
  6. Embed your YouTube or Vimeo video in WordPress post.
  7. Write a three to four sentence teaser for your story.
  8. If you used any media (audio, photos, etc) that you did not create yourself, you must give credit below your teaser.
  9. Pick your best image. Upload it. And set it as the featured image.
  10. Publish. Make sure it shows up on homepage.

Examples of audio slide show (arts, music, fashion, religion) profiles:

Lindy & Grundy (LA Times)
The Hendrix Experience (LA Times)
Plenty of reasons to sing the blues (LA Times)
Shrine to Virgen de Guadalupe (LA Times)
Grandmother Makes a Difference (LA Times)
The Mormon missionary (NYTimes)
The sneaker connoisseur (NYTimes)

Examples of audio slide shows (arts, music, fashion, religion) by former students:

Bury Me Under a Tree in a Green Cemetery
Learning to Love Being a Local Band
Wheaton Arts Potter
Audience Makes the Symphony
Vets Keep Millville Aviation History Alive
From Copy Machines to Cheesecakes

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