How to turn in your audio slide show

Create a folder on your desktop and name it YourLastNameA3.

In your folder, you must have four items:

1. Soundslides project folder and its contents

2. A video version of your project (saved as .m4v)

3. Pick one photo from your slide show to use as a thumbnail (.jpg, 450 X 600)

4. A word .docx with:

  • Headline hat is descriptive and engaging and uses key words
  • Your Byline
  • City or Township in all caps and hyphen to start first line of text (i.e., HAMILTON – Bob Jones, the blueberry farmer…”)
  • A three to four sentence teaser that answers the 5 Ws of your story.
  • An address associated with your story so we can post it on the map
  • If you use photos or music that you did not gather yourself, you must give credit to owner.

When you have everything in a folder, put it on a flash drive and bring it up to me.

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