In class audio slide show exercise

Worth 15 quiz points. You’ll have time in class to work on this. Due before you leave for spring break.

1. Get a partner. Go to a quiet place.

2. Turn on your recorder. Figure out how it works. Record. Stop. Play.

3. Test it. Record 15 seconds of room tone. Then play it back and listen to it. Note the sounds you hear. If they are too loud, find a quieter place.

4. Take turns interviewing each other.

Ask these questions:

  • Tell me about how to decided where to go to college. What schools did you visit? What were you looking for in a college? What other places did you consider?
  • Why did you pick Rowan University?
  • Tell me about your experience at Rowan so far. Is it what you expected? Do you feel like you’ve found your area of study?
  • Describe your social life at Rowan? Is it what you expected college would be like?
  • Where do you see yourself after college? Where would you like to live? What would you like to be doing?

5. Repeat the interview with your partner.

6. Take turns photographing each other around Rowan. You are looking to get visuals that go with the audio. Make sure you have at least 20 solid photos. Get close-ups, medium shots, wide shots, and action shots.

7. Repeat with your partner.

8. Come back to the room and using the Instructions for Creating an Audio Slide Show Using Soundslides handout, create a 60 second audio slide show from start to finish.

9. When you are done, email me your .m4v file.


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