Audio Slide Show Takeaways

-A good beginning – both audio and visual
-Audio has something to do with subject – we want to hear it
-Photos in various locations and settings
-Range of photo angles and techniques
-Photos of reactions
-Photos of setting
-Good ending (“There’s doubt”)
-Audio and visuals match up
-Pacing was varied. Not methodical. Pacing went with tone of story.
-Natural sound signals a transition
-Narrative arc – not just quotes
-Photos tell story by themselves
-Photos show process – beginning, middle and end
-Personality in photos – focus on people, action, reaction, emotion
-Depth of field – focus on particular things at a certain time
-Different settings reveal more about character
-If multiple people talking, need to differentiate between people with visuals
-Use fades for music
-Interview first because then you know what to photograph
-Shoot horizontally, not vertically
-Get background, history
-Pause between anecdotes

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