Revising and Handing in Assignment 2

First finish editing your audio if you need to, then…

1. Revise your headline. 
Make sure it is is descriptive and compelling and uses several key words (ie tags for search).

2. Add the following to your text (in this order):

  • Byline under your headline (By Mark Berkey-Gerard)
  • A pull quote from your audio. It should be the best quote you have. Put it in quotes before the beginning of your article.
  • City or Township in all caps and hyphen to start first line of your article (i.e., HAMILTON – Bob Jones, the blueberry farmer…”)
  • Embed hyperlinks into the phrases of your text
  • At the bottom of your article write the exact address for your story so we can put it on the map.

3. Log into WordPress. Post your text and your photos (no audio) to

Follow the example I posted.

  • Headline
  • Byline
  • Your best photo
  • Your audio pull quote in bold
  • Your article
  • Your 2nd and 3rd photo

4. Create a folder on your computer. (Click on desktop. Hit Cntrl + Click. Select New Folder) Name your folder YourLastNameA2. Put a copy of your audio clip (.mp3), your three photos and your word doc into a folder. Make sure you keep a copy of each for yourself.

Your folder should contain:

500-word article formatted for the web with a headline, byline pull quote, hyperlinks and address of location.
•    Saved as word .doc or .docx
•    Saved as YourLastNameA2Text.docx”

60 to 90 second audio clip
•    Exported in .mp3 format
•    Saved as YourLastNameA2Audio.mp3

3 photos
•    At least one of the photos must be of the person who talks in the audio
•    .jpg format
•    High quality
•    Sized approx 640 width x 480 height
•    Saved as YourLastNameA2Photo1.jpg, YourLastNameA2Photo2.jpg, YourLastNameA2Photo3.jpg

5. Put your folder on a flash drive and bring it up to me.

6. Go to and read other people’s stories.

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