How to Turn in Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Article with Audio and Photos is due Tuesday, February 25.

You must have the following completed and ready to go at the beginning of class:

500-word article formatted for the web with a headline, byline and hyperlinks to relevant information inserted into the article.
•    Saved as word .doc or .docx
•    Saved as YourLastNameA2Text.docx”

60 to 90 second audio clip
•    Exported in .mp3 format
•    Saved as YourLastNameA2Audio.mp3

3 photos
•    At least one of the photos must be of the person who talks in the audio
•    .jpg format
•    High quality
•    Sized approx 640 width x 480 height
•    Saved as YourLastNameA2Photo1.jpg, YourLastNameA2Photo2.jpg, YourLastNameA2Photo3.jpg

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