Places to Start Looking for Stories on Delsea Drive

Brainstorming…places to start looking for stories on Delsea Drive:

-Tara Rogers – murdered in Clayton, identified by tatoos, unsolved
-Pitman Bakery – closed 2012 and someone is reopening
-Demolition of Sunoco refinery in Deptford. Was it safe? Is it affecting anyone’s health.
-McDonalds – how long can you sit in there in Glassboro?
-Acme in Clayton – original, it’s historic, and it has survived closings.
-The Incredible Bulk Candy store
-Center for Arts on High Street and other arts events
-Drive-in Movie Theater – only one in NJ and its run by a doctor
-Bridal Shop – wedding stories, proposals, dresses
-Pawn Shop in Glassboro
-Camden County College is offering a Hunger Games Course. What is it?
-Local camping grounds in South Jersey
-Tons of wineries, road side farm markets
-Franklinville Inn – one of best places to eat and historic
-Furniture from wine barrel guy

From past classes…
Story Ideas: Round 1 and 2

Weekly Brainstorming

Brainstorming, Session 1

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