Week 1

In Class:
Course overview
Assignments and grading
Delsea Drive Project overview – and initial brainstorming
-Ethics and Law review
-Multimedia Reporting Checklist
Assignment 1: Multimedia Beat Note overview (Due Feb. 6)

For Thursday:
1. Spend some time on http://njsouthbound.com What do you like? What could be better?
2. Explore the map of stories by former students. What’s covered? What’s missing? Where will you plan to go?
3. Spend some time on NJ News Commons and NewsWorks.org’s New Jersey page and archives. Figure out how you are going to follow them this semester (ie Twitter, Facebook, email newsletter, etc). What’s the niche? What kinds of stories do they run? Who is their audience?

-Get a plan for your equipment. What do you need?
-Read Kobre Chap 16 – Marketing a Story and browse
-Read Kobre Chap 14 – Ethics and browse http://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap14
-Read Kobre Chap 15 – The Law and browse http://www.kobreguide.com/content/videojournalism#chap15

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