Breaking Down a Video Story Shot-by-Shot Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby Video: Shot-by-shot

The video consists of:

23 shots (close, medium, and wide)

4 sound bites from 4 different people

  1. Sound bite  1 – 51 sec
  2. Sound bite 2 – 19 sec
  3. Sound bite 3 – 25 sec
  4. Sound bite 4 – 20 sec

Shot-by-shot stills

Things to Note:

-Variety of shots
-Framing of Interviews (Rule of Thirds)
-“In their own words” style
-Reporter’s questions elicited responses in complete sentences
-Steady shots, few pans or zooms
-Let action move across frame rather than moving with it
-Opening and closing shot
-Editing and transitions

Shot-by-shot stills

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