Audio Slide Shows – To Do and To Avoid

To Do
-Coordinating visuals and the audio
-A visual story (things you want to see) and an audio story (things you want to hear)
-Photos tell the story by itself
-Different angles of photos
-Repport with subject
-Subject is in multiple locations and situations
-Time with subject, time invested project
-Series of photos (sequences gives sense of motion)
-Length of each image creates pace
-Characters and sense of story
-Photos show process (beginning, middle, and end)
-Detail shots
-Unique, but also common.
-Passionate about a subject. Can talk about it.
-Balance of history, anecdotes
-Start with image and soundbite that draws viewer in.
-Surprising, unexpected
-Edit audio into a narrative
-Connecting what the person does to others
-Action are better

To Avoid
-If audio isn’t clear to audience
-Photos that don’t go with audio
-Color vs. black and white
-Make viewer work to hard to understand
-Need clear, quality photos
-Angles and shots that help tell story, rather than distract
-Pauses between anecdotes. A natural rhythm.
-Don’t start with an ID.
-Rambling audio
-Need natural sound effects

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