Assignment 2: Voter Portraits

Due Tues., Oct 1 at beginning of class
Worth 5 points (No late work accepted)

Go somewhere on Route 47. Find three (3) people to talk to about the upcoming elections on Oct. 16 and Nov. 3. Anyone connected to Rowan or people you already know do not count. Introduce yourself and the class project. Tell them you are collecting interviews and photos for a public website that will highlight local issues.

You can do this alone or in pairs. If you work with someone, both people will receive the same grade.

You will be creating Voter Portraits similar to what the did on Election Day. For example:

Take your camera, audio recorder, voter portrait sheets and or notebook, and a pen.

For each person, get:

1. A portrait. (If you can take several photos, then you have a better chance of getting a good one.)

2. A recording of your interview

3. Voter Portrait info:

  • Name:
  • Age:
  • Hometown:
  • Political Affiliation:
  • Occupation:
  • Biggest State Issue:
  • Biggest Local Issue:
  • Contact info:

4. As you are out, observe and talk to people. From your reporting come up with three (3) more Delsea Drive story ideas for future assignments.

1. Resize your photos for the web (approx. 800 X 600, .jpg, 72 ppi, high quality). Save files as SourceLastNameA2photo1.jpg and SourLastNameA2photo2.jpg

2. Listen to your audio interview and transcribe the best quote for each of the three (3) people. Put a quote and Voter Portrait info into a word document. It should look like this:

“I think Governor Christie is doing a great job.  I hope he runs for President. But I like Cory Booker too because he’s a rock star.”

  • Name: Joe Jersey
  • Hometown: Deptford
  • Party Affiliation: Republican
  • Occupation: Stock Broker
  • Biggest State-wide Issue: Hurricane Sandy recovery
  • Biggest Local Issue: Property taxes
  • Contact info: 856-888-8888

At the bottom of the document, list your three (3) story ideas.

Save the document as YourLastNameA2.docx.


The assignment is worth five (5) points:

  • 3 points for each completed voter portrait
  • 1 point for the quality of your best voter portrait (I’m looking at quality of photos. Focus, framing, light, variety. Also the content of the image and the text. Is it the photo and quote compelling, relevant, worth reading, seeing, and sharing?)
  • 1 point for three story ideas

Helpful Links and Resources:
Taking Better Portraits (from Online Journalism 1)
Basic Audio (from Online Journalism 1)
Tips for Recording Audio with a Smartphone (from Online Journalism 1)

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