First round of story ideas

Profile of the Maurice River

Report on the glass factory in Wheaton under investigation

Profile of Double D’s Gentleman’s Club

Because of the low availability of visitor parking spots at the Campus Crossings apartments, Ralph’s Towing Company (located on Delsea Drive) has been towing away dozens of cars on a weekly basis. This has caused a lot of problems among students and residents alike, but it’s been great business for Ralph’s.

Monster Truck Beach Bash in Wildwood, September 27-29

Seafood and Music festival in Wildwood, October 5

Newly opened Cheesecake bakery on Delsea Drive

Masso Empire

Investigate proposed church building area/environmental clean up site

Historical significance of Groff’s Mill House, est 1863

Italian Brothers’s recent grand opening on Delsea Drive, Glassboro

Broadway Theatre of Pitman

Get the history of how the bowling alley has changed since 1970 to now.

Find out why its called the Glassboro Bowl & “rec center”. does it have to do anything with the community.

Do a story about all the different leagues, how they interact, if there is some sort of championship

Story with a few local businesses, on 47 passed the end of 55 in particular, about how business drops off during winter.

Story about the success of the Levoy Theatre in Millville

Story on George’s Pizza in Leesburg, specifically on the fact that they are the only restaurant, or place to get food for about five miles in either direction, and how they benefit from that.

Find out why there are so many abandoned and closed buildings along Route 47 or 55. Just between Glassboro and Vineland alone there are so many closed businesses and shops.

There are a multiple number of clothing drops along 55 and Route 47. Some are located in random places along the road and others are in parking lots (of a mini mart, a dollar store, etc). Why are there so many and how often are pick ups? Do people actually drop clothes in them? Are they beneficial in the towns at all?

I went to the Dance Factory in Glassboro. I talked to the owner and her daughter and and they told me how they are going to do a christmas parade in Disney in December. All the dancers are getting ready for the parade and practicing. I wanted to find out why they decided to do this and what else they are planning to do while down in Disney? Have they done this in the past and will they continue in the future?

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, in conjunction with South Jersey Astronomy Club, is hosting a star-gazing party on Friday, Sept. 13 (rain date Sept. 14) starting at dusk through midnight at Ella Harris Park in Mullica Hill.

Sgt. Anthony P. Grochowski, VFW Post 2071, 2179 Delsea Drive, Franklinville, will hold its 29th annual fish fry with crabs held on Saturday, Sept. 14, from 1-5 p.m.

Forest Grove Volunteer Fire Company will hold a family fun night Saturday, Sept. 15, 5 to 8:30 p.m. at Purple Penguin Ice Cream, 1008 Harding Highway, Newfield.

Every Monday, at Nipper’s Pub, they have unlimited crab for $29.99. Might make an interesting story.
While at the pub, two locals told me about a recycling plant and a trading post that they said are interesting.
At Greentree Tobacco, the owner told me bout how their Briarwood pipes are made. That process sounds very interesting. The process of making the regular pipes, called sand-blasting, also sounds interesting.

I work at a Pet Store and animals are very important to me, so idea is to go to the animal shelter and take pictures and try to show the public the animals to help get some adopted.

There was a place that i did not get to stop at but it was called the gingerbread primitive and looked like it would sell some neat things. plus it looked like it was like a home operated store. so it will be a neat feature story.

The one person i interviewed talked about the skating park in Franklinville and how there is a lot of crime that happens there and she said that some stores like WaWa use to close early if they knew a party or something was happening. Might be cool to go check out and see if their is still crime happening.

Groves Florist Shop, 241 Delsea Dr, Westville, NJ 08093.  Groves is the place to go in the area for homecoming, prom and any special occasion where flowers are a must.  It is a mom/pop store run my the Groves family.

Baby Luna Italian Restaurant, 713 Delsea Dr, Westville, NJ 08093. Baby Luna serves great food and ice cream but is a pseudo hidden gem on 47 that deserves exposure.

Thomas Park, located in Westville on Delsea Dr.  The park has a history (too long to put here) and still remains a community favorite to today.

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