How to Turn in Assignment 1

On Thursday in class you will turn in your Multimedia Beat Note Assignment.

Here are the instructions…

1. Open your 50 images in preview so you can see them. Leave them open. I’ll come around to see them.

2. Create a folder on your desktop. (Click on desktop. Then Ctrl + Click, select “New Folder”). Name it YourLastNameA1

3. Pick your five (5) favorite photos from your 50. Make copies of the five photo. (Click on image. Ctrl + Click, select “Duplicate”)

Resize only those five photos for the web. Put them in your folder.

Photos need to be:

  • .jpg format
  • Resized to approx 800 x 600
  • 72 ppi
  • High quality
Saved as YourLastNameA1Photo1.jpg, YourLastNameA1Photo2.jpg, YourLastNameA1Photo3.jpg, etc.

4. Take the two photos of the people you interviewed. Make copies. Resize them for the web (the same specs as above).

Name them SourcesLastNameA1Photo1.jpg and SourcesLastNameA2Photo2.jpg

Put them in the folder on your desktop.

5. Create a Word Document.

In the Word Doc, write captions for your two (2) source photos. Make sure you include the location, person’s full name, age, occupation, a quote, and contact info.

For example:

GLASSBORO – Johnny Joe Jim Bob Smith, 93, has been making “South Jersey’s best cheesesteaks” at Jim Bob’s Deli since 1942. “My secret is the Whiz,” says Smith. “I add a little something special. Can’t tell you what it is. But people drive from all over to taste it.” Contact: 856-777-7777

Name the file, YourLastNameA1Text.docx. Put it in the file on your desktop.

6. Send me an email with your three story ideas.

7. When you are done, put your YourLastNameA1 folder on a Flashdrive. Make sure it includes 7 photos and a word docx. Bring your flashdrive to Paul. He will make a copy of it.

8. Log into your Tumblr account. (If you didn’t get an email invite, talk to Paul.)
On, post 7 items individually:
-Your five best photos. Caption and byline optional.
-Your 2 portraits with caption underneath. No contact info needed.

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