Assignment 5: Final Project

Worth 25 points

Deadlines: Each one must be met for full credit.

Thurs, April 18 – Story pitch due. Submit preliminary research, contacts, story idea and strategy for how you are going to approach it.

Tues, April 23 and Thurs, April 25 – Rough draft of Final Project due. Bring multimedia files or initial write-up to meeting.

Thurs, May 2 – Final Project Due


Create a compelling, professional level web feature on the Delsea Drive. You are looking for a story with characters, action, and motivation. You must be able to answer the question: Why is this story? Why is this a story that should be published now? Why is it compelling and worth sharing online?

You pick the media elements based on the story and what are the most compelling ways to present your story. You can use text, photos, audio, photo essay, audio slide show, video, map, or graphics.

You can work solo or in a team. If you have a team project, find a partner and let me know.

Your final feature should demonstrate what you have learned and skills you have gained in Online Journalism 1 and 2.

Grading Criteria:
-Quality of reporting (Did you go somewhere, meet people, and find a compelling story? All stories must include original reporting and interviews with at least two sources.)
-Quality of text or media
-Quality of editing and presentation
-Appropriate IDs of people. Full names, age, occupation or position, location.
-Strong beginning.
-Strong ending.
-Strength of profile or story. Is there an anecdote? Is there is a moment of reflection? Is this worth publishing and sharing?
-Files submitted in proper format (details TK)

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