A look at previous student projects

First let’s review…

1. Video is about ACTION.

2. Some basic shooting tips.

3. Good video is 51 percent audio.

4. Tips for video interviews

  • Avoid yes/no questions
  • “Describe for me.”
  • Try to evoke feeling and emotions
  • The subject should not look into the camera, unless they are talking to the viewers directly, or to another person remotely.
  • Use rule of thirds. Split the frame up into thirds (tic-tac-toe style). Main subjects/elements should be in the thirds.
  • Head and nose room.
  • Have sun or main light coming over your shoulder.
  • Get microphone close or use a lave mic.
  • Be silent while they talk.

5. Tips for shooting b-roll

  • Variety of shots and angles (wide, medium, close-up).
  • Steady shots. Use tripod if available.
  • Hold shots for 10-15 seconds.
  • Avoid pans or zooms.
  • Let action move across frame rather than moving with it.
  • Have an opening and closing shot.
  • Use clean editing and transitions.

Now…let’s look at some student projects from the past

For each, look for:

-What works? What does it do well?
-What could be improved?
-How does this work as a video story?

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