Agenda for Thurs, Feb 7

1. Resize and save your 43 photos for the web.

Photos need to be:

  • .jpg format
  • Resized to approx 600 width x 450 height
  • 72 ppi
  • High quality
Saved as YourLastNameA1Photo1.jpg, YourLastNameA1Photo2.jpg, YourLastNameA1Photo3.jpg, etc

2. When you are ready, come up and turn in your assignment via Flashdrive.

Create a folder named YourLastNameA1.
Inside put:
-A folder called Photos with 43 photos
-A word .docx for your three interviews. Include names, occupation, location, quotes, and say which image they go with (ie BerkeyA1Photo42.jpg)
-In word .docx, write out your 3 story ideas

3. Log into your Tumblr account. (If you didn’t get an email invite, talk to Ashley.)
On, post 4 items individually:
-Your three best photos. Caption and byline optional.
-Your best portrait with source name and quote underneath.

4. Go to class blog at In the comments section of the post called Assignment 1: Three Story Ideas, copy and paste your three story ideas. Don’t need to log-in or put your name.

Have a good weekend. Catch up on reading. There will be a short quiz on Tuesday, Feb 12 on the following:

-Read Kobre Chap 16 – Marketing a Story and browse chapter 16 online resources
-Read Kobre Chap 14 – Ethics and browse chapter 14 online resources
-Read Kobre Chap 15 – The Law and browse chapter 15 online resources
-Read Kobre Chap 1 – Telling Stories and browse chapter 1 online resources
-Read Kobre Chap 3 – Successful Story Topics and browse chapter 3 online resources
-Rest Stop episode of This American Life.
-Ira Glass talk about the elements of storytelling on YouTube.
Part 1 – The Building Blocks of a Story
Part 2 – On Finding Great Stories
Part 3 – On Good Taste
Part 4 – Two Common Pitfalls

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