Week 1

In Class:
Course overview
-Looking for some inspiration
-Web site strategy
-Ethics and law overview

-Get a plan for your equipment. What do you need?
-Spend some time exploring some other location-based multimedia websites. Then spend some time on njsouthbound.com What do you like? What could be improved? Come with ideas for this semester.
-On your existing or a new Twitter account, follow at least a dozen accounts connected to South Jersey. And start following the news in the area, looking for events, locations, and people that might be a good feature story. I suggest:

-Do some research on the towns and townships along Route 47 (ie Brooklawn, Deptford, Glassboro, Clayton, Franklinville, Vineland, Millville, Middle Township, Rio Grande, and Wilwood). Come to class with one interesting/unusual event, fact, or location that might be the source of a feature story.

Postponed until the book is available:
-Read Kobre Chap 16 – Marketing a Story and browse chapter 16 online resources
-Read Kobre Chap 14 – Ethics and browse chapter 14 online resources
-Read Kobre Chap 15 – The Law and browse chapter 15 online resources

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